“The resistance to the cuts and to the attacks on workers’ rights will only intensify”

Working people across Ontario of all political stripes will not be silent when public services are threatened.

We remind today’s government that while they may have won the 2018 election, they did so with 40 per cent of the vote, a minority of the Ontario electorate. As such, it is incumbent upon them to listen to all the people of Ontario, no matter what their political persuasion. They must listen to all the people, who are asking for the protection of public services, an end to the cuts and layoffs, and who warn against punishing workers for the debt and deficit problems caused by successive and dramatic cuts to taxes for corporations and the wealthy.

Workers across the province are uniting to build the resistance to cuts to public services. In the aftermath of the Ford government’s first budget and growing attacks on workers’ rights, they will look more and more to their unions to unite and to defend a fair future for all Ontarians.

We accept the obligation to meet those expectations, and to help Ontario find a better path forward in 2019.

We commit to protect public services. We commit to defend free and fair collective bargaining. We commit to mobilize our memberships across the province, in partnership with our community allies, and with all Ontarians, in opposition to the policies of cutbacks and privatization.

As we go forward, the resistance to the cuts and attacks on workers’ rights will only intensify.