But that is impossible when Conservatives are cutting hospital budgets!

Premier Ford tells media at premier’s conference on July 11 that:  “As we stand right now we’re down to 1,000 patients in the hallways, but I can assure the people of Ontario, over the next year we won’t have anyone in the hallways there.”

Opposition leader Andrea Horvath responds July 12:
“Instead of making stuff up, I suggest Mr. Ford listen to patients, and listen to frontline health care workers who experience this crisis, day after day. It’s not too late to change course. I want every hospital’s annual funding to meet or exceed inflation and population growth pressures as well as their unique local needs like aging populations. I want more mental health funding instead of cuts. And I want to invest in public health and paramedics, rather than decimating those critical services.

 “Cutting doesn’t solve hallway medicine. Investing in patient care does.”

OCHU president Michael Hurley responds July 12: “It is now clear that the PCs will make larger cuts to hospitals than previously estimated. This is in stark contrast to the Premier’s recent pronouncement that he will end hallway medicine within a year, which is, sadly, just magical thinking.”