The Doug Ford government is planning to:

  • Cut Public Health funding & close 25 out of 35 local Public Health Units, reducing them to 10. 
  • Close 49 out of 59 local ambulance services, reducing them to 10 & close 12 of 22 local dispatch centres.
  • Make real-dollar cuts to public hospital funding, even though we have the fewest hospital beds left per person of any province in Canada and a crisis of hospital overcrowding. More cuts mean more services & staff cuts, less services, longer waits, more privatization & higher death rates.
  • Make real dollar cuts to long-term care homes, forcing municipalities to either raise taxes or cut services for elderly & chronic care residents.

Stand with OCHU/CUPE, the Ontario Health Coalition, and more groups and individuals who care about our health care: rallies are planned for: