Scrap Bill 138, stop plans to privatize services, OCHU asks

Ontario has moved to allow new entities to deliver services in health care. Services affected could include labs and diagnostics, pharmacy, stores, cleaning, food, IT, laundry, medical records and others. 

Hospitals are threatened by the expansion of private clinics through Bill 138

Bill 138 also allows for the expansion of private clinics by easing the process to apply for a license to operate one.

Until now, overnight stays have not been allowed at private clinics. Now that is also in question.

Services affected by the expansion of private clinics could  include diagnostics and same day surgeries.

Expanding private clinics allows physicians to set up clinics and skim off the easiest and most lucrative surgeries, scopes and other procedures. This will undermine our hospitals.

97% of private clinics are operated on a for-profit basis. It is a widespread practice that these clinics charge user fees, according to the Ontario Health Coalition.

Campaign to defend health services from privatization

There will be a leadership teleconference call December 9, at 4:00 p.m. EST to talk about Bill 138.

A membership teleconference call will follow at 5:00 p.m. EST to ask members to take action and message MPPs about this Bill.