Bill 195 Strips your rights

Introduced on July 7, Bill 195 says the state of emergency is over, but not for healthcare workers. It over-rides your rights in these areas for the next year or longer:

  • Article 7 – Grievance and Arbitration Procedure
  • Article 9 – Seniority
  • Article 10 – Contracting Out
  • Article 11 – Work of the Bargaining Unit
  • Article 12 – Leaves of Absence
  • Article 13 – Sick Leave
  • Article 14 – Hours of Work
  • Article 16 – Holidays
  • Article 17 – Holidays
  • Article 18 – Vacations 

How this bill will hurt you: 

  1. Vacations can be cancelled
  2. Your shift can be changed (from days to nights for example)
  3. Your job can be eliminated and you can be reassigned with no say
  4. Hours of work can be changed
  5. Leaves of absence can be denied or cancelled
  6. You can be moved to another site
  7. Contractors and volunteers can be brought in to do work, as long as there is not a layoff. But they can do your job and you can be reassigned. 

Join the town hall on Monday July 13 at 7:35 p.m. to hear about the impact of this legislation and to vote on how we respond.

Dial-in Number: 1-877-229-8493 (Pin: 114211#)