In spite of the use of complete personnel protective equipment (PPE) the risk of infection in health care workers (HCW’s) remains high. The use of barrier enclosure with ‘Aerosol Box’ during intubation has shown significant reduction in spread of contaminants outside the box preventing major contamination of HCW’s.[3] The use of these boxes may have more relevance in COVID ICUs where multiple aerosol generating procedures (AGPs) are performed during the management of these patients. Moreover, even coughing and sneezing contribute significantly in spreading aerosol in ICU. Negative pressure isolation room has been advocated in the management of COVID‑19 patients to prevent spread of infection.[4] But it is impractical and a costly affair in converting every isolation room or ICU with negative pressure. The present innovation has a combination of both containment and creation of negative pressure to reduce the risk of aerosol spread in the ICU, thus offering an additional safety to HCWs. This box has been designed in a manner which allows quick and dynamic interventions in ICU and simultaneously allows the patient to sit comfortably and prevent any restriction or suffocation [Video 1A and 1B]. Moreover this can be made easily with available resources and one tenth of the cost of the currently available boxes.