4 hours of care announcement after 25 years of campaigning

The government announced this week that it will increase staffing levels in long term care facilities to provide a minimum average of 4 hours of care for each resident. The hours will only count time worked and will not include vacation, sick leave etc. CUPE is calling on the government to provide full-time, well paid employment for the PSW’s and RPNs in long term care as Quebec has done. CUPE is also asking for the 4 hour minimum standard to be enshrined in legislation. CUPE has campaigned with other unions and the Ontario Health Coalition for this for the last 25 years.

Hospital strike in Alberta as province cuts 11,000 workers

Hospital workers in Alberta walked off the job on strike on Monday Oct. 26 over plans by the provincial government to contract out support services and to cut 11,000 jobs.

The wildcat ended when the Alberta Labour Relations Board declared the action an illegal strike and ordered the workers to return to their jobs.

So far the Alberta government has not budged from its plans to contract out hospital laundry, cleaning, food and other services. The campaign against the contracting out and the layoffs by the AUPE, which represents the workers continues and will include other job actions. CUPE and OCHU will provide our full and unqualified support to the Alberta hospital workers.

Pam Parks: Activist of the Year

Pam Parks, RPN and VP of Local 6364 and a long standing member of CUPE’s Health Care Issues Committee, has been named OCHU  Activist of the Year. This is the nomination for Pam from her peers:

“Pam is a mother and wife and union activist. She is member driven, treats all as equal. She supports diversity and sisters in the movement. She attends all rallies. She sits on multiple committees within CUPE and her community, and is an excellent resource to anyone.  Pam stands up for what she believes in and demands her voice to be heard.  Pam is not afraid to have an opinion on any difficult issue. Pam eats lives and breaths her CUPE union. She volunteers her time for the political party supported by CUPE and other organizations in the community. Pam is caring and compassionate and we believe she should be awarded the activist of the year. “

Pam will be presented with the award in December.

A study of Ontario healthcare staff working in Covid-19 will be released in late November

A major study of Ontario healthcare staff and of the challenges they face working through Covid will be released in late November.

This study was done in association with the University of Windsor faculty Dr. James Brophy and Dr. Margaret Keith and  and involved interviews with hospital and long term care staff represented by CUPE across Ontario.

The study calls for major changes like increases to staffing levels and to health and safety protections for staff .

To publicize the study and to push for change, OCHU-CUPE will organize media events across Ontario

The study was supported by OCHU and by CUPE.