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    Dear Kevin Smith:

    I am writing in support of 100 health care staff at the University Health Network (UHN) Hillcrest Reactivation Centre. It is imperative that a world-class hospital system like UHN put an end to the low pay and exploitative working conditions for these workers who are predominantly racialized women.

    Although Hillcrest is a reactivation hospital site overseen by UHN and predominantly admits patients directly from your other hospital locations, the staff at Hillcrest are paid between $7 and $13/hr less than other UHN hospital staff doing similar work. They are also denied other working conditions available to UHN employees, including, is profoundly troubling  in this time of COVID, only provided 3 sick days per year. 

    No hospital workers in Toronto are paid so little. This treatment is exploitative in regular times. During a pandemic, such practices at one of Canada’s leading hospitals are beyond comprehension. 

    I urge you to immediately make the staff at Hillcrest direct employees of the University Health Network. 

    Thank you. 

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