Dear Premier Ford,

    My name is . I am a hard-working hospital worker in Ontario.

    I want you to know how deeply disappointed I am that you have decided I’m only worth a 1% wage increase.

    Allow me to tell you how your government’s decision impacts hospital workers:

    • Our wages continue to fall far behind inflation
    • We can’t bargain increases to much-needed mental health supports
    • We have absolutely no support for improved workplace health and safety
    • As a result, we’re working dangerously short staffed because so many are leaving healthcare

    Your government’s wage cap illustrates that you don’t respect and value our hard work and sacrifice. Premier Ford, you call us “health care heroes”. But if you truly respect us, you would protect us by repealing Bill 124 or exempting us from this shameful legislation.

    I urge you to please show us that you truly value our important contribution to patient care. I look forward to your response.


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