Province announces $5000 bonus for nurses but inflation is 5% & wages are capped at 1%a 4% wage cut

The Ford government has announced a $5000 bonus for front line nurses. Full details are coming but RPNs are included and it will be pro-rated for part-time nurses. This bonus will not be reflected on the base rate.

CUPE, SEIU & Unifor have asked the Premier to extend this bonus to all health care workers.

The unions also asked again for the repeal of Bill 124, which limits negotiated wage increases to 1% a year for the first 3 years of a contract. The unions’ wage demand for RPNs, for example, is a $4 an hour increase, but Bill 124 makes achieving this impossible until 2024.

With an election in June, now is the time for us to step up the pressure on this government to pay everyone fairly.

Ontario inflation was 5.2% in December

Inflation in Ontario was 5.2% in Dec. If this trend continues & we are held to a 1% increase, as the Ford government’s Bill 124 requires, you will suffer a real wage loss of 4.2%.

What can you do to push the government for a real wage increase?

Rallies at MPP offices will be held in mid-March. Click here for a complete list.

If you haven’t filled in the postcard calling on Premier Ford to drop Bill 124 and let us bargain fair wage increases, please click here to add your name.