Passez à l’action sur le projet de loi 7 : Envoyez un courriel au gouvernement Ford

Passez à l’action sur le projet de loi 7 : Envoyez un courriel au gouvernement Ford

Ford’s Conservatives just announced Bill 7, the highly misleading More Beds, Better Care Act. This plan forces seniors and people with disabilities to be moved without their consent from hospitals to long-term care homes. This does nothing to address the healthcare crisis.

If passed, the legislation will neither add more long-term care or hospital beds, nor provide better care for Ontarians.

Bill 7 strips the rights of patients by authorizing their transfer to a long-term care (LTC) home without their consent. This proposed legislation wrongly blames the most vulnerable people for a healthcare crisis that is not their fault and forces them to move potentially hours outside their communities, away from their families and friends, and under threat of incredibly costly charges.

Bill 7 also fails to make the proper investment needed in the province’s overburdened and understaffed hospitals, home care, rehabilitative care, and LTC homes to ensure the proper support people need.

Before the government fast-tracks passage of this Bill, we have an opportunity to push Minister Calandra and the Ford Conservatives to do the right thing and protect the dignity of Ontarians needing ongoing medical care and ensure they are not forced, against their will, into a LTC facility that is ill-equipped to provide them with the proper care.

Have your voice heard. Act NOW to send a message and say NO to Bill 7.

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