OCHU/CUPE members may be enrolled in the Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP).

HOOPP is a defined-benefit plan, and one of the most successful pension plans in Canada.



President and CEO Jim Keohane retires from HOOPP

Jim has led the plan to outstanding performance in returns and major improvements in the basic pension.

Newsletter – February 24

North Bay addiction treatment beds; LTC rallies; Coronavirus; and more.

A workplace pension could be worth three times an RRSP — yet only 37% of Canadians have one

Every dollar contributed to a Canada-model pension — a pension with scale, risk pooling and internal fiduciary management — a retiree can expect $5.32 of retirement income compared with the $1.70 of retirement income from the typical individual approach.

HOOPP’s 2018 Annual Results

We are pleased to inform you that the Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP) remains fully funded at 121%. Despite a challenging year in the financial markets, the Fund had an investment return of 2.17% in 2018, bringing its net assets to $79 billion. As you know,...