Who we are

OCHU Executive Board

The board consists of the Table Officers and Area Vice-Presidents. They are elected every two years at the OCHU annual convention.

Michael Hurley

Sharon Richer


Dave Verch

First Vice-president

OCHU Area Vice-Presidents

OCHU has 7 Area Vice Presidents elected every two years at OCHU annual convention. Each area represents a geographic region of the province.

Treena Hollingworth

Area 1, Vice President
Southwest Ontario

John Jackson

Area 5, Vice President
Central Ontario

Kevin Cook

Area 2, Vice President
The golden horseshoe

David Tremblay

Area 6, Vice President
Northeastern Ontario

Calvin Campbell

Area 3, Vice President
the Greater Toronto area

Judy Bain

Area 7, Vice President
Westren Ontario

Susan Keeling

Area 4, Vice President
Central Ontario

OCHU Trustees

The role of an OCHU trustee is to audit the financial records and books of OCHU Trustees and meet at least twice yearly to review the OCHU’s finances. The primary duty of Trustees is to ensure that all union resources (money or assets) are used for legitimate union purposes. 

OCHU has three trustees who are elected at our annual convention.

1-year trustee: Tanya Williams
2-year trustee: Kevin Keenan
3-year trustee: Tammy Bentley

Member Committees

Committees play a vital role within our Union; they work on implementing the many initiatives, strategies, and visions determined at each annual convention. Areas elect their committee members at the annual convention.  

Clerical Committee

Health & Safety Committee

Long Term Care Committee

Allied Health (Paramedical) Committee

PSW Committee

RPN Committee

Support Service Committee

Trades Committee