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Arbitration & Grievances

The OCHU First Vice-President is available to help members through the Arbitration or Grievance process.
Contact Dave Verch at daveverch@ochu.on.ca if you need assistance.

View and download legal summaries and decisions made by OCHU and affiliates below. (English only available).

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July 29, 2022Ross Memorial Hospital and CUPE Local 1909 – Bereavement LeaveArbitration12.04 DOWNLOAD
November 26, 2021Hamilton Health Sciences and CUPE Local 7800 – Point of Entrance ScreenersArbitration2.01 DOWNLOAD
December 9, 2020CUPE 3000 vs Winchester District Hospital – NoticeArbitration9.05 DOWNLOAD
December 7, 2020CUPE 786 v St. Joseph’s Health Care Hamilton – Sick PayArbitration13.01 DOWNLOAD
September 25, 2020Northumberland Hills Hospital and CUPE 2628 – SeniorityArbitration9.07 DOWNLOAD
May 6, 2020CUPE Local 2119 and the Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital – Contracting outArbitration9.08 DOWNLOAD
March 24, 2020Hamilton Health Sciences and CUPE Local 7800 – Retirement and Voluntary Exit PackagesArbitration9.08 DOWNLOAD
January 9, 2020Royal Ottawa Health Care and CUPE Local 942 – Vacation for Part-TimeArbitration17.01 DOWNLOAD
November 20, 2019EllisDon and CUPE Local 942 – SeniorityArbitration9.05 DOWNLOAD
March 26, 2019CUPE 1909 and Ross Memorial Hospital (reductions in hours for of part-time employees constitutes a layoff)Arbitration9.08 DOWNLOAD
March 15, 2019CUPE Local 7800 and Hamilton Health Sciences – Point of Purchase Restriction on Benefits (Compression Stockings)Arbitration18.01 DOWNLOAD
March 5, 2019CUPE 7811 and Cornwall Community Hospital (changes in master schedule amount to layoffs)Arbitration9.08 DOWNLOAD
November 27, 2018Canadian National Federation of Independent Unions and Providence St. Joseph’s and St. Michael’s Healthcare – Effect of PSLRTA on Centrally Negotiated AgreementArbitration0.00 DOWNLOAD
November 19, 2018CUPE 1999 (6364) and Markham Stouffville Hospital (LTD Benefits after age 65)Arbitration13.01 DOWNLOAD
October 23, 2018Cornwall Community Hospital and CUPE Local 7811 – Indeterminate Notice of EliminationArbitration9.08 DOWNLOAD
October 9, 2018CUPE 1623 and Health Sciences North (Work of the Bargaining Unit)Arbitration11.01 DOWNLOAD
February 7, 2018CUPE 1909 and Ross Memorial Hospital (Voluntary Exit Grievances)Arbitration9.08 DOWNLOAD
May 30, 2017CUPE 5180.1 and SteriPro (Notice of Layoff)Arbitration9.08 DOWNLOAD
April 18, 2017CUPE 139 v. North Bay Regional Health Centre (Pharmacy Assistants)Arbitration9.08 DOWNLOAD
April 12, 2017CUPE 1909 v. Ross Memorial Hospital (Displacement Through Bumping)Arbitration9.08 DOWNLOAD
April 11, 2017CUPE Local 786 v. St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton (Displacement Through Bumping)Arbitration9.08 DOWNLOAD
February 9, 2017CUPE Local 2119 v. Perth and Smith Falls District Hospital (Job Posting)Arbitration9.05 DOWNLOAD
February 6, 2017CUPE Local 2119 v. Perth and Smith Falls District Hospital (HOODIP)Arbitration3.01 DOWNLOAD
January 16, 2017CUPE Local 942 v. Royal Ottawa Health Care Group (Reassignment)Arbitration9.08 DOWNLOAD
December 19, 2016CUPE Local 4540 v. Bruyere Continuing Care (Calculation of Vacation Pay)Arbitration11.01 DOWNLOAD
December 7, 2016CUPE Local 5180 v. Trillium Health Partners (estoppel)Arbitration9.07 DOWNLOAD
September 30, 2016CUPE Local 2198 v. Arnprior Regional Health (Fiscal Advisory Committee)Arbitration21.00 DOWNLOAD
September 2, 2016CUPE Local 2875 v. Queensway Carlton Hospital (Attendance Management)Arbitration3.02 DOWNLOAD