Northern Ontario patients at even more risk under PC’s 8-year funding plan, like operating area hospitals today with 1,875 fewer staff and $372 million less dollars

Although COVID-19 has shown how little capacity our hospitals have after decades of cuts, the crisis for northern Ontario hospital patients will get much worse, says a Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) research paper, Ontario Hospital Crisis: Overcapacity and Under Threat released today.

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Bill 283 (The Health and Supportive Care Providers Oversight Authority Act)

Bill 283 establishes a corporation called the “Health and Supportive Care Providers Oversight Authority” (the “Authority” (s. 2), governed by a board of 8-12 directors (s. 4(2)). The qualifications for sitting on the Board will be determined by regulation and the Authority’s by-laws (s. 4(6)). The Board will appoint one of its employees to be the Chief Executive Officer (s. 10(1)). The Statutory Powers Procedure Act does not apply to anything done by the CEO, except as may be provided in regulation (s. 10(4)).

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With LTC Commission COVID-19 findings, CUPE calls for immediate creation of full-time jobs, application of precautionary principle by PC government

The clear recommendations from Ontario’s Long-Term Care Commission for the creation of more full-time jobs and, on the application of the precautionary principle in health care settings, require that the provincial government and the medical officer of health act immediately to prevent more COVID-19 deaths and LTC resident harm, says the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE).

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Briefing Note for RPNs –
Government Order re: Regulated Health Professionals

On April 21, 2021 in response to the collapsing healthcare infrastructure in Ontario during the devastating third wave of the pandemic, the government issued an order under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act (the “Order”), that effectively authorized any regulated healthcare professional to provide forms of medical care in hospitals that is not normally within their scope of practice. The Order applies to all regulated health professionals in Ontario as well as health professionals licensed to practice in other Canadian provinces.

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