The union will not accept concessions in bargaining and will push Ford on wages

After all of your courage, hard work and sacrifice during the pandemic, your union believes that you deserve to see an increase in your real income. 

We also believe that the most pressing health and safety problems, like the difficulty we experienced accessing N95 masks during the pandemic, must be addressed in this round of bargaining. 

We can’t accept that your reward is to go backwards. 

We will need your help to apply pressure to achieve a different and better outcome.

What you can do:

  1. Share this newsletter with your co-workers
  2. Attend the rally in your community this summer (click here for the full list) and get an ice cream sandwich or a popsicle
  3. Attend the rally at Queen’s Park September 10th at noon

Ford forcing 1% wage increases

The Ford government  has passed legislation to limit wage increases for 3 years to 1%. Inflation is 3.6%. This would mean a 2.6% cut to wages in the first year alone.

Hospitals ask for concessions

  • Take away your right to bump anyone else with less seniority whose job you can do
  • Reduce your rights in a contracting-out
  • Remove access to exit or retirement packages unless you would otherwise be laid off
  • Double the time it takes to post a job 
  • Take away seniority as a major factor in getting jobs
  • Allow others to do our work
  • Remove your right to return to your old job when you post for a new one

Unions ask for your help

CUPE & SEIU are organizing summer workplace rallies in every community. A list can be found here.

There will be a provincial rally September 10 at Queen’s Park in Toronto.

Please attend if you can.