Sticker days against real wage cuts: June 14, 21 and virtual rally June 19

Inflation was 3.4% in April but the government has limited our wage increases to 1% for the first 3 years of our contract. But Quebec just signed a deal that gives its health care workers 2% increases in each of the next 3 years plus 1% lump sums in years 1 and 3.

OCHU-CUPE and SEIU will ask our members to hold a workplace sticker day action on June 14 and 21, and a virtual rally June 19 to demand that the wage restraint legislation be lifted, and that we be able to bargain wage increases that at least cover the rising cost of living.

Canadian Medical Association Journal says all health facilities in Canada need to urgently update their PPE guidelines

“Although good ventilation can mitigate long-range aerosol transmission of SARS-CoV-2, the WHO and CDC’s acknowledgement of airborne spread at close range highlights an urgent need to revisit PPE guidelines in all Canadian health care settings. High quality masks such as N95 respirators are currently required only for aerosol-generating medical procedures. Although surgical masks do offer source control and some aerosol protection, their efficacy against inhaled aerosols is highly variable. Observational studies have found higher rates of SARS-CoV-2 infection among health care workers using surgical masks than among those using N95 respirators.”  

Read the CMAJ Article:

Key Dates for Local Issue Bargaining

September 8 & 9: Local Issues Bargaining & Bargaining Training Conference
October 12: Local issue proposals to the OCHU-CUPE Vetting Committee (Headed by Sharon Richer and Dan Pike)
October 25: Local issue proposal exchange between your local union and your employer
November 19: Local issue bargaining begins
February 25: Local issue bargaining ends
April 3, 2022: Local issue arbitration board hearings begin