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Bill 138 (An Act to implement Budget measures and to enact, amend and repeal various statutes) is a sweeping omnibus Bill. Two sections are of particular note for health care and the broader public sector: [1] Schedule 37 which would enact the Supply Chain Management Act and [2] Schedule 19, which amends the Independent Health Facilities Act. Both raise serious threats of restructuring and privatization.

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    Dear MPP:

    During the 2018 provincial election, the Conservative Party did not announce any plans to privatize health care services.

    Legislation which has passed, opens the door to aggressive privatization of health care clinical and support services.

    Schedule 37 of the Plan to Build Ontario Together Act expands the concept of supply chain to include services. The legislation allows entities to be established to deliver these services, which could include IT, cleaning, medical records, food, maintenance, laboratories and diagnostics, pharmacy and others.

    The Auditor General has been clear that the private delivery of health care in Ontario has resulted in billions of dollars of additional costs to taxpayers.

    Schedule 19 of this Act changes the process for the establishment of private clinics. Rather than the government issuing a request for proposal, companies can now apply to deliver clinical services. And the limitation on private clinics which forbids overnight stays is now in jeopardy.

    97% of private clinics are operated for-profit and user fees are often charged to patients. The Canadian Medical Association Journal has published a mega-study which showed that private clinics also come with higher death rates. These clinics will take the easiest and most lucrative procedures out of our community hospitals and ultimately, undermine their viability.

    As a constituent, I write to ask you to scrap plans to privatize healthcare clinical and support services.


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