Ford government won’t mandate hospital staff vaccination

Ontario will not mandate vaccination for hospital workers. The decision will remain with each hospital on how to implement Directive 6 of the Chief Medical Officer of Health.

It will be the policies of hospitals and their impacts on individuals that we will grieve if those impacts are arbitrary or discriminatory. 

OCHU-CUPE is reviewing hundreds of grievances, focusing in on some key areas, including medical exemption, use of firing and religious/creed exemption and is coordinating with lawyers to fight precedent cases. We have also begun to coordinate with lawyers representing the SEIU.

MPP Hillier apologizes for spreading disinformation about Covid, OCHU calls on Ford government to do the same

MPP Randy Hillier has apologized for posting information suggesting 30 people died of complications following  Covid vaccination- information which is not true.

OCHU has called on the Ford government to also apologize for claiming for over a year that Covid is spread by contact and droplets rather than by air and so denying health care workers the protective equipment, like the N95 mask, they needed to work safely with an airborne virus.

December 7th is a provincial day of protest

On December 7, CUPE and SEIU will ask our members to wear the sticker “Protect Us“ on your uniform at work.

We will use the day to talk about the dangers of your work, including:

  • Violence from patients and family members and the need for real protections
  • The large numbers of staff who caught Covid at work unnecessarily and our need to access personal protective equipment like the N95 mask when working around the virus

Central hospital bargaining between CUPE and SEIU and the Ontario Hospital Association broke down in September over health and safety issues and wages. Please support our bargaining campaign by participating in sticker day on December 7. This is the first step in an escalating campaign which will include paid advertising.

CUPE members in New Brunswick continue general strike over wages and pensions

22,000 public sector workers represented by CUPE in New Brunswick began their second week of general strike action over wages and to push back an attack on their defined pension plans. Health care workers were ordered back to work on Nov. 5.

Like workers in Ontario, public sector employees in New Brunswick have faced two decades of wage restraint. In New Brunswick, workers are fighting for 3% wage increases.The New Brunswick government is trying to change some public sector pension plans so that they will no longer guarantee an income on retirement.

We are very proud of the battle being waged by our sisters and brothers in New Brunswick on behalf of all public sector workers.