1% a year for 3 years for public sector workers, 25% for CEO’s

While Ontario’s Bill 124 limits wage increases for public sector workers to no more than 1% a year for each of three years, an analysis of Sunshine list data shows that CEO’s in the public sector have given themselves 25% increases over the last 3 years.

CUPE and SEIU will hold a postcard signing campaign on December 7, calling on Premier Ford to allow us to bargain wage increases free of wage restraint.

The Bank of Canada estimates that inflation will hit 5% by the end of December. A 1% wage increase for this year would mean a real cut to wages of 4%. 

Bargaining for your contract began in June.

Court rejects vaccine injunctions at TTC and Mount Sinai Hospital

The Superior Court of Justice for Ontario has rejected the requests for injunctions against the mandatory vaccination policies of the Toronto Transit Commission and the Mount Sinai Hospital. In rejecting the request for injunctive relief, the judge writes: “Were the court to intervene to grant injunctive relief whenever a member of a bargaining unit was facing the loss of employment, the courts would be full of applications for injunctions.” 

A decision 3 weeks ago by the Superior Court rejected an application for inductive relief against the mandatory vaccination policy of the University Health Network. CUPE intervened in that hearing and asked that the hospital not be allowed to fire staff who refused to be vaccinated. The courts left that issue to grievance arbitration boards to decide.

Our campaign for a contract with respect kicks off December 7

The campaign for a contract that protects your health and safety and which provides for real wage increases kicks off December 7.  

Please wear a “Protect Us” sticker and sign the postcard below  calling on Ontario Premier Ford to repeal Bill 124 that limits wage increases to no more than 1% a year for each of 3 years.

Huge win for New Brunswick workers

CUPE members in New Brunswick held a successful 20 day strike against provincial wage restraint limits. By coordinating bargaining across all sectors (health, education, social services, universities, municipalities) they achieved wage increases of about 3% in each year of a multi-year agreement, with significant increases for casual and part-time employees, who had been paid less than full-time.

OCHU-CUPE solidarity with ONA

OCHU Francophone VP and Montfort Hospital activist Melanie Viau, spoke at a rally against Bill 124 in Ottawa Nov. 12. Bill 124 limits wage increases to 1% for each of three years for public sector workers.